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His Story

Je'Sani Smith, a talented young artist, musician and athlete was taken too soon from this earth, yet his legacy lives on. This website will tell his story, share his talent, and create awareness for rip currents and beach safety. 



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We have students waiting to access the Del Mar College Scholarship for Je'Sani but we need to raise a minimum of $5,000 to start releasing funds to students. Can we get there? YES! Hit the donate button below!

Je'Sani Memorial Scholarship @ Del Mar College

The Je’Sani Memorial Scholarship will help students in the welding, art and music programs at Del Mar College.

Je'Sani Water Scholarship @ King High School

College-bound King seniors have the chance to earn a $1,200 scholarship by writing an essay on how they would educate others about water safety and rip currents.

Je'Sani Lives!

Send us your memories! Let's remember Je'Sani through photos, videos and any stories you would like to tell.

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